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Spice Money - Spice Digital Limited

Spice Money is an RBI sanctioned semi-closed PPI wallet which will be linked directly to your mobile number. A vigorous and accessible tool for financial comprehension, Spice Money is primarily used for Domestic Money Remittance and cash deposit to bank accounts via agent aided model.

In addition to this, our OV Technology has tied up with the banks to become Business correspondent to enable money remittance using Banking channels.

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Our Spice money is a retailer-only mobile wallet that transforms transactions with innovative digital banking solutions. It is strived to provide easy, quick, accessible and reliable banking service to the consumers. Hence, it is called as Spice Money CSP.

Further, our Spice Money provides a range of path-breaking and safe money transfer solutions which can be accessed instantly anywhere at any time.

- Purpose

Our main aim is to provide remittance solutions to the unserved section of the community through our brand’s Spice Money strong agent network.

- How does our Spice Money Work?

Spice Money Agent should open a Spice Money wallet (Semi-closed wallet) of the sender using One Time Password on his or her mobile. Thus, the sender’s wallet will be credited with an amount equal to the money which will be deposited using O2O payment. Further, using the IMPS or NEFT the wallet with a load of the sender is transferred to the bank account in India.

- Apply for Spice CSP online

If you want to take CSP banking service, then apply for the Spice CSP through our spice money service providing agent and get more benefits from your registration.

- Spice Money AEPS

Spice Money, the domestic remission service from Spice Digital is now processing payments through Aadhaar enabled payment system. The Spice Money AEPS will allow digital payments using the national Aadhaar number and biometric verification. That is, our team will serve the Spice Money retail counters with the Aadhaar enabled mini ATMs.


The basic banking transactions provided by our OV Technologys Spice money are as follows:

  • Balance inquiry
  • Cash withdrawal

- Become a Spice Money Agent

Do you wish to become a money transfer agent with spice money? Then start earning from today by partnering with our OV Technology.

- Spice Money Registration

Spice Money is an RBI sanctioned semi-closed PPI wallet which is linked to seller’s mobile number. Spice Digital is offering a Domestic Money Remission service to the consumers via which an agent can transfer money instantly across the country at the lowest cost for the consumers in order to earn Spice money commission or Spice money AEPS commission.


- How to become a Spice Money agent

Do you run an Aadhaar registration center and wish to become a spice money agent? Then, it is now easy for you to become a Spice money agent. Apply online for Spice Money Registration along with the Spice money AEPS registration and become one of the best Spice Money agents by partnering with our OV Technology.

  • In today’s digital world, anyone can become a Spice Money agent and start their money transfer business.
  • Transfer money to any bank at any time in India
  • It is a fast reliable and secure platform
  • Instant money transfer which benefits account through IMPS
  • It can be accessed through wired computers, laptop, and Android mobile applications.

- Sending Money was not always so easy

Through our broad network of Money Transfer agents, Spice Money will provide our consumers with money transferring facility by accepting cash from consumers and transferring it directly to their bank account with minimal charge.

- Benefits of Spice Money – the Money Transfer Agent

  • Any of the retailers can become a Spice Money – the Money transfer agent by providing their identity proof and address proof
  • Spice money agents can be able to transfer money to any bank account across the country and the credit will be received in their bank account instantly via IMPS.
  • Agents can also use NEFT to transfer funds
  • It will be more convenient. Further, agents can be able to transfer up to Rupees 25000 per sender in one month to any bank account across the country.
  • It provides a secure process with multiple layers of authentication and ensures you that while transferring your money will be safe.

- Benefits to the consumers

  • More convenience of place and time
  • There is no need for the consumers to visit their bank’s branches and wait in the queue.
  • Low charges for money transfer
  • The money will be credited instantly into the consumers bank account via IMPS
  • Provides secure and trusted platform with message and receipt of transactions
  • It is more convenient. You can transfer up to 10000 rupees per month with minimum KYC and rupees 25000 per month to any bank account across the country by providing a POA and POI

- Features

Accessed through Mobile application, Wired computers, and laptop
You can access your spice money agent account via Spice money android mobile application or via your wired computer or laptop.

Add Beneficiaries and Senders

You are not required to remember your consumers every time when they come. Just simply add your senders and their beneficiaries once and we will automatically remember them for you through our service.

Instant money transfer

You can be able to transfer money to any bank account across India and the account will be credited instantly with the IMPS. As well, you can use the NEFT facility to send money to the bank accounts in India.

Verify bank account details before sending or transferring money

You will be able to verify the name of the bank account holder directly from the bank records with our Spice money in the real time.

Transaction Ledgers


You can access your transaction ledgers and settle your earnings in the real-time

Transaction receipts

You’ll be able to generate receipts in real time with each and every transaction as an authentication proof and provide reliability for your consumers.

If you’re willing to join our Spice Money service? Then partner with our brand and become a Spice money agent with our OV Technology. Thank you!

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