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India’s rapidly changing tax regulations make active taxation planning an important part of doing business in India. Taxation planning and organization is crucial to avoid uncertainty or discrepancy with the local tax office. This is peculiarly the case in India where the taxation system is relatively immature and incompatible.

Our Partners

We - the OV technology will offer our retailers with services like GST filing, Pan card creation, etc. There are many businesses which are gaining benefit from our taxation services as it is an essential part of compliance.

- OV Technology Taxation Service Department

- In OV technology, our taxation service department is divided into the following categories

  • Company Taxation
  • Individual Income Tax Planning

- Individual Income Tax Planning

Individual income tax is a tax that requires to be paid over your salary. This is done via the employer who withholds the exact amount of tax before the payment of the salary in order to make it easier for an employee.

We – the OV technology has strong practical knowledge of tax servicing for an individual employee in both foreign and domestic enterprises.

- Company Taxation

Taxation is one of the important ones for an entrepreneur as there are constant changes in corporate tax regulations. OV technology offers an extensive taxation service and encourages the philosophy that your business must be commercially feasible and balanced to yield taxation efficiently and mitigate the risk factors to you by our taxation authorities.


At OV Technology our clients have the opportunities to practice many taxation services. These include Developing tax optimization structures, tax recapitalization for unification, attainments and negotiating with taxation authorities for appropriate preparation and submission of tax returns.


- What are the services we offer?

- GST filing

OV Technology taxation service will offer GST return filing for our consumers. Through our GST software, retailers can aid other small businesses with GST conformity and tax filing.

In addition, we maintain their individual business ledgers and other values were added to the services around the same. Our company offers you a direct interface with the government’s portal and all the GST related submissions can be done directly via our software. Further, this allows our retailers not only to earn additional taxation but also increase walk-in to their retail point-of-sale.

- GST Ready POS

OV technology is planning to introduce retail POS device which is a complete GST ready solution configured for all retail owners, transforming their stores into virtual hypermarket and helping the user in good and better connection with the consumers, brands, wholesalers, and retailers.

  • Provide a detailed Bill
  • Keep track of the inventory via digital records
  • Provide a complete GST enabled accounting applications
  • User-friendly
  • Shift between consumer carts and reduce the waiting time
  • GST filing
  • Centralized leverage management
  • Value-added services
  • AEPS services

- Pan card creation

We – the OV technology allows our retailers to apply Pan card services for our consumers. By providing necessary information, fees to the retailers, consumers can apply for Pan card from OV technology’s outlet.


- Estate and Trust tax preparation

Effective estate and gift planning facilities – the tidy transfer of investment to your beneficiaries, provides security for your partner and can eliminate or reduce the taxation on the transfer of your business and other investments.

However, for an entrepreneur, providing for business continuity and chronology of ownership is essential. Our brand will steer you via the complex process of getting your financial dealings in order.


- IRS Representation

During our decades of experience dealing with many taxation authority, we’ve achieved a level of professionalism which can ensure our consumers who are being represented properly before the assorted state and federal taxation agencies.

- Payroll Services

As your business grows, it is must to hire more employees for your organization which results in increased payroll administration. OV Technology will assist you in implementing the controls which are necessary to ensure a reliable, effective and efficient payroll system. Our organization will help you to develop a payroll system and prepare all the necessary payroll tax returns in a required time.

- Sales Taxation Services

Most of our clients are responsible for submitting and collecting sales taxes in many different localities. OV Technology will assist your business organization in the collection of information and planning of sales tax returns in an efficient and effective manner.

- Taxation planning

Taxation Planning is an important element of the revenue preparation process. By making tax planning as a part of your overall business strategy, you can use our access and experience to the newest developments in the taxation laws in order to minimize both your current and future taxation liabilities.

- Tax Preparation

OV Technology’s significant investment in processed tax preparation and research software which enables us to effectively prepare returns for various entities including individuals, partnerships, corporation, trusts, estates, etc.

- Other taxation services

OV technology prefers to take a reactive and proactive approach to taxation services. By keeping new taxation laws and legislation, OV technology is ready to identify key tax planning opportunities which minimize both current and future taxation liabilities.


OV technology provides our consumers with the taxation knowledge and expertise that they deserve throughout the year. Other taxation services we offer are as follows

  • Tax planning, preparation, and return
  • Individuals, corporations, partnerships, LLC or LLP, Estates, Trusts and gifts taxing are our organization’s taxation authority representation
  • Taxation effects of selling and buying in a business

- Why choose OV Technology?

OV Technology has comprehensive experience in providing taxation services to both domestic and foreign enterprises and for both individual and representative offices. We offer extensive taxation services to our clients. Further, our services include the development of tax optimization structures, transfer tariff policy aligned with corporate strategy, compliance with Indian tax regulations, preparation and compliance of taxation returns.

You can find more about the full scope of our brand’s taxation services throughout our website which has structured with the tax issues including transfer tariff, corporate Income tax, and Individual income tax compliance. To know more about our taxation service, feel free to contact our supporting team. Thank you!

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