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OV Bill Shop is the most comprehensive modern retail and restaurant billing software for outlets to inventory balancing, digital payment to GST filing, consumer loyalty to real-time online growth analysis.

OV Bill shop will be more easy to use and comprehensive GST Invoicing and billing application for retail and restaurants. It runs both on computer and mobile. However, this GST compliant outlet makes it easier for our consumers to keep track of their business and pay more essentials to their business growth.

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A recent survey shows that the billing systems are fast replacing the cash drawers. Our billing systems have the option of maintaining consumers stock and keep a tab on their employees which offer consumer loyalty and do more in addition to billing. Moreover, it helps in reducing the cost of maintaining our consumer’s business

OV Bill shop GST software lets our consumers more convenient to generate an invoice, manage and monitor sales, optimize inventory, etc.

- Mobile billing application

OV Bill Shop provide mobile billing application which will be a unique billing application for small, micro and medium size business. It is a visceral business solution which does not require you to have any knowledge and just automates your business.

You might be excited to know that one entry with which you generate a bill, a host of other things such as Inventory, accounting, expenses, and consumer loyalty is taken care of. Not only that, but you can also get to do a lot of other things which you might have not thought of doing with our billing solutions.

OV Bill Shop sends invoices to your consumers through SMS and mail or you can simply get it in the printed form. Check your business reports at any time from anywhere with real-time updates on your mobile.


- What are the services we offer?

OV bill shop provides an opportunity for our clients to book railway or flight or bus tickets and low-cost hotels under a single roof.

In today’s digital world, no one has time to stand in stupendous queues for booking tickets. Thus, our OV Bill shop will provide services to fulfill the travel needs of millions of travelers who are looking for reasonable, reliable, close to home and comprehensive travel solutions.

We offer an all-inclusive experience, here, we’ve provided some of our services for your knowledge.

- Train Ticket booking

We – the OV bill shop provide the agents the medium to book train tickets and become IRCTC certified train ticketing agency and earn an instant commission for each and every ticket sale and avail monthly bonus plans.

We – the OV technology is the only company which offers commission on rail tickets. Our organization provides a user-friendly platform and quick interface to our agents to book tickets for their consumer via a single wallet system. The wallet can be later recharged by using multiple options like a credit card, cash, cheque, DD, Debit card and net banking.

- Flight tickets reservation

We provide international and domestic flight ticketing solutions for our consumers with all available airlines and combinations. Our service provides the best routing options with an easy to reserve interface. There is also a presence of devoted consumer care only for airline-related inquiries and queries. We provide complete travel management solutions for our consumers on a single interface. Further, the agents can instantly reserve and confirm the tickets and earn attractive commissions and margins.

- Bus ticket booking

There are times when there is an unavailable for train tickets. In that case, our bus ticketing solutions are one of the best alternatives for our consumers. To avail this service, we have tied up with around 70 tour and travel operators. OV technology will provide an interface through which our organization enables search and booking of tickets online. Agents can instantly book and confirm the tickets by using our interface and can earn attractive commissions and margins on every ticket booked.

- Hotel booking

We have a massive database of hotels across the cities and the breadth and length of the country. We cater to each and every budget and start category and are available for instant booking on a single interface. Further, our service will guarantee the room availability at a highly discounted cost which is a big value to our consumers.


- Benefits of availing OV Bill Shop

As a business entrepreneur, everyone focus is to grow their business. Here, we’ve mentioned some of the benefits of our services

- Increase profit

Increase revenue and optimize cost by strategic reports at any time from anywhere

- More Organized

Tap to the bill, automatically update the accounts and inventory and stay organized.

- Accuracy

Say bye to human errors with automated billing, discounts, and convoluted GST calculations

- Save time

Manage queue with quick billing, auto-inventory and account update and no manual effort is required

- More consumers

Offers consumers loyalty and discounts to improve the consumer base

- Reconciliation

Reconciliation of purchase, sales, inventory, payments, and GST

- Enhanced business image

Bride your business with the latest technology and send SMS, email invoice

- Prevent misuse

Automatically update feature of inventory, accounting prevent misapply of materials and theft

- Why choose us?

Our consumer’s time is valuable for us. That’s why having a BSP in place can relieve some of the workloads. Our OV Bill Shop will provide multiple payment options to our consumers. These may vary from paying in full or perhaps a deferral plan if one is arranged.
Any bill service provided by us will be more securable and give our consumers a concise and safe method of payment.
There are a myriad of OV bill service providers and are available for our consumers.
Bottom lines
Are you looking for bill paying service providing company for your business? We – the OV technology is looking forth to provide you services for you to improve your business based on your needs and requirements.
To know more about our OV Bill shop services, contact our support team for further inquiry and queries.

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