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OV Technology – ATM Service

ATM is the most crucial consumer touch point, providing an opportunity for banks and financial institutions to generate progressive revenue and attract new consumers as well.

Our Partners

OV Technology - the pioneer and massive service provider of ATM portfolio management and managed services have partnered with Hitachi - the ATM machine franchise in order to provide ATM service in Rajasthan.

- White Label ATM in India

Hitachi money spot ATM is the White label ATM service provider in India. It is partnered with the OV technology in order to provide ATM services and support in both rural and urban areas of Rajasthan,

Hitachi is one of the non-bank entities in India which has been certified and authorized by the Reserve Bank of India to deploy white label ATMs across India with a strong focus in Tire 3 to 6 towns for deployments.

However, installation of white Label ATM in India will help in

  • Increasing the spread ATM across all population centers in India.
  • Delivering a broad variety of banking services to consumers across the banking industry
  • Expanding the scope of banking to anytime, anywhere banking through compatible platforms provided by empowered, shared ATM network operators.

- OV technology’s ATM service

We – the OV technology has partnered with Hitachi – ATM machine franchise and providing services and supports for the consumers across Rajasthan. Here, we have provided services and supports which are offered by OV technology to the consumers. Let’s look over it.


- Card and Transaction analytics

Our card analytics team in OV technology will analyze the market, industry information and recommends suitable sites for new ATM installation and synchronize with your consumer acquisition strategy.

The team will use state of the art tools and verdict support system to anticipate the potential site to deploy an ATM.

- Site implementation solution

OV Technology – ATM service company contains ATM service providers who install ATM machines in the right place and support the consumers. In our company, our team will install an ATM in a shop or mall using the latest project management techniques. Further, our team will provide your consumers with the safety, convenience and security services while using the ATM machines.

Using our partnered companies which are specialized in specific fields and deliver an ATM center to our consumers within their budget and timelines.

- Device driving and switching service

We provide terminals or ATM driving and switching service through a Financial Transaction switch. However, installing ATM in a Tier 3 Datacenter with telecommunication backup facility will guarantee unbroken ATM services for our consumers.

- Other services

Partnering with Hitachi money spot, we serve our clients by bridging the banking divide amidst India’s population by providing the following services like

  • Cash withdrawal and the deposit facility
  • Pin changing facility
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini-statement
  • Card to card money transfer across banks
  • Statement request
  • Cheque book request

Our ATM service will aid you more services than your expectation. If you are planning to place an ATM machine in your shop or mall then you can contact our support team based on this regards.

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